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Tax Incentives

Tax savings solutions that can temporary eliminate taxes for a business or greatly reduce business tax expenses.

Cost Mitigation

We offer many ways to help you reduce expenses & taxes on things that you already do.

Corporate Funding Program

Business capital & credit has the power to help businesses expand their operations and grow their prosperity.

Arkad Business Solutions

Arkad Business Solutions seeks to provide business owners in the greater Atlanta area, and nationwide, with a suite of services and solutions at a cost-efficient price to businesses to help them make better choices, run more effectively, grow, prosper, and above all save money. As independent Senior Advisor of Global Management Group we offer extraordinary tax savings solutions that can temporarily eliminate taxes for a business and or greatly reduce business tax expenses via Engineering based cost studies.

legal Services

Legal Services

Also, be sure to inquire about our Voluntary Employee Benefits Program and legal services that offer affordable access for small business owners contact to attorneys and business consultants for unlimited consultations, legal contract and document reviews, debt collection, a robust online legal document library of the most commonly used legal forms and documents for you to customize, and much more.


What can you do as a job seeker do to better your odds of impressing the prospective employer and get your resume placed on top of the pile? Sparked Resumes gets 4x as many interview requests as standard resumes by letting the employer know that you are bring a valuable Tax Credit Certificate that will lower their tax burden.

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