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The Importance of Medical Directives: Protecting Your Future Healthcare Decisions

In life, we often plan for the future by saving for retirement, drafting wills, and purchasing insurance. However, one crucial aspect that many overlook is planning for our healthcare needs in situations where we might be unable to make decisions for ourselves. If anything, during the past pandemic period, when so many loved ones where unexpectedly separated from those in nursing homes and medical institutions, unable to communicate with them nor the medical providers or facilities and make decisions on the behalf of their loved ones. This is where medical directives come into play.
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Boosting Hotel Innovation and Savings with R&D Tax Credits

Innovation is the lifeblood of the hospitality industry, with hotels constantly seeking new ways to improve their services and operations. One often underutilized tool that can support these innovation efforts is the R&D tax credit. Hotels can benefit from R&D tax credits, providing financial leverage to fuel creative initiatives.

How Having An Engineered Cost Segregation Study Done Could Be The Answer To Your Cash Flow Issues During COVID Shutdown

Often when I am first introduced to a business owner who owns a commercial building and I offer doing a complimentary assessment to discover if he or she qualifies for a Cost Segregation Study and what other Tax Credits they may qualify for and are not taking advantage of,