Arkad Business Solutions seeks to expand our client’s bottom line, reduce their tax burden, reduce their corporate expenses, and help grow their business. Arkad Business Solutions, as an Independent Senior Advisor for Global Management Group, work with businesses both locally and across the country seeking to help the business to retrieve funds that it has already spent on operating cost, such as, property tax expenses, remodeling expenses, workman comp, and credit card processing expenses, just to name a few.  We also seek to help business owners to take advantage of federal, State, and local tax credits and incentives, such as Hiring Tax Credits and R&D Tax Credits, and many others, that are targeted to their industries and work with their tax professionals to take advantage of them to either put cash in their pockets or greatly reduce their tax bill or eliminate it temporarily. If we cannot find any savings, there is NO cost.  We also offer legal plans for small businesses and employee voluntary benefits, and other business solutions to better help protect and grow their business like the big businesses at a small business budget.

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